NAVSUP P Volume II – Supply Appendices ii. RECORD OF CHANGE INFORMATION SHEET. This sheet is provided to insure an effective check on the . COG OI STOCK NO. LP NAVAL SUPPLY PROCEDURES. NAVSUP Publication VOLUME II. SUPPLY APPENDICES. NAVSUP P- Volume III - Ashore Supply. COG OI Document File (PDF) standard - making it easier to view and download from the Internet. Afloat Supply, Volume II - Supply Appendices, and Volume III - Ashore Supply.

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NAVSUP P Volume I – Operational Forces Supply Procedures Revision 4, Change 1, Download Residential Gateways Volume II PDF eBook Residential . P VOL I Intro-Chap 4 as of - US Navy Hosting. Views. 6 years ago. Navy, · Hosting, · · READ. P VOL I. Navsup p vol 1 pdf - in the Naval Supply Procedures NAVSUP P, Volume WEAPON SYSTEMS II - CHAPTER 1.

Attendanceat resident courses is limited to those persons to whom a student quota has been allocated. Joint Knowledge Online JKO was named the enterprise learning management system for the Military Health System MHS in December , signaling the beginning of a multi-year effort to move most online military health online training to one location.

Andrew McNeil discusses his on-post housing concerns with Maj. This ensures employees on the ground are not The Recommendations for Hospital Overhead Emergency Codes take into consideration the following assumptions: 1.

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Anytime, anywhere your schedule permits. Federal Supply Class FSC codes are used to group products into logical families for management purposes.

Below are ways to get through the courses faster and simpler than they normally would take. WLC is a month-long course that teaches Specialists and Corporals the basic skills to lead small groups of Soldiers.

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Skillport is designed so that there is no specific set of questions for all soldiers. I know with a previous LMS we were able to type in a few keys on the keyboard and this let us into a menu which enables us to skip over slides. To be the foundation on which Army Medicine is built, sustained and transformed. The Official Web site of the U.

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Below you will find lists of NSNs sorted by major category. This three-season tents offer more open-air netting is specifically designed for summer backpacking and other activities. Mandatory training consists of senior leader selected general training requirements considered essential to individual or unit readiness for all Soldiers and Army Civilians.

Information presented on CAR is considered private information and may not be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified.

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For example, the U. The only good thing about it going to JKO is that there is a pretest and everything you got right is a module you won't have to do. I'm not clicking through the pages; the video is playing through completion then I'm clicking next. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The Threat Awareness and Reporting Program establishes a requirement for Department of the Army DA personnel to report any incident of known or suspected espionage, international terrorism, sabotage, subversion, theft or diversion of military technology, information systems, intrusions, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

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It is to be used to certify the accuracy of the publication in accordance with the need for such verification see Introduction. It was previously one of the three starting items in easy mode in version 2. The new version of the Digital Your first introduction to the Army experience will come from your Drill Sergeants.

NAVSUP P-485 Vol I

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We are a global enterprise delivering combat capability through logistics to Navy, Marine Corps, Joint and Allied Forces. For those that prefer to download the AAAC and run the course from their computers: 1. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the DoD.

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Making Dehydrated Ratatoille But while the meals and snack Act. The Stryker ICV has a road speed of 62mph and a range of miles. This course provides a thorough understanding of how Insider Threat Awareness is an essential component of a comprehensive security program.

Responsible for planning and providing for current and future requirements of the Navy less assigned Marine Corps forces for manpower, material, facilities, and services; plans for and determines the research, and provides for development, test, and evaluation needs which are adequate and responsive to long range objectives, immediate requirements, fiscal limitation, and advancing technology; d.

Ensures the organization, training, preparation, and readiness of Naval forces, including those to be assigned to unified or specified combatant commands, and also provides administrative and logistic support to the headquarters of the unified and specified commands as well as their subordinate commands which are assigned to the Department of the Navy; maintains water transportation services, including a sea transportation service for the Department of Defense; e.

Inspects and investigates components of the Department of the Navy to determine and maintain efficiency, discipline, readiness, effectiveness, and economy. The Commandant of the Marine Corps is directly responsible to the Secretary of the Navy for the Marine Corps administration, discipline, internal organization, training, efficiency, readiness, operation of its material support system, and overall performance of the Marine Corps.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps is also responsible for planning and determining the support needs of the Marine Corps for equipment, weapons systems, materials, supplies, facilities, maintenance and supporting services.

The Naval Supply Systems Command will provide for and meet those material support needs of the Department of the Navy that are within the assigned material support responsibility of the Naval Supply Systems Command. Except as otherwise provided by the charters issued to the other commands or by the Chief of Naval Operations, the Naval Supply Systems Command is responsible for the following functions: a.

Providing supply management policies and methods technical guidance to activities of the Navy and Marine Corps, including provisioning, cataloging, inventory management, distribution, materials handling, traffic management, transportation, packaging, preservation, receipt, storage, issue, and disposal functions. In the performance of this responsibility as it pertains to naval material, the Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command, will utilize the material management experience and capabilities of the other systems commands, derived from the accomplishment of their assigned material support responsibilities.

Providing staff assistance to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy Shipbuilding and Logistics in matters relating to supply, distribution, and disposal of naval material; and in collaboration with the Commandant of the Marine Corps, providing coordination in the preparation of directives and positions on such matters having common application to both Navy and Marine Corps material; c.

Performing assigned material support functions with respect to: material handling equipment, special clothing, food and other naval material for which such responsibility is not otherwise assigned; e. Performing supply management functions with respect to items of naval material which are assigned to the Naval Supply Systems Command for that purpose; f. Maintaining the official stores accounts for Navy material entrusted to the custody of an accountable officer; g. Managing, funding, and controlling, worldwide, the transportation of Navy property and the authorization and administration of the transportation and storage of property of naval and civilian personnel consistent with responsibilities assigned to the single manager agencies for transportation; h.

Researching and developing efforts associated with the functions, methods, equipment, and materials assigned; i. Providing technical guidance with respect to preparation and service of food in galleys except at naval hospitals , and providing assistance in the planning and layout of supply spaces ashore and afloat. The Naval Supply Systems Command has cognizance of the procurement of materials and services throughout the department of the Navy for which no other procuring activity, office, or command is otherwise delegated procurement authority.

In the discharge of this responsibility, the Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command may delegate appropriate procurement authority to personnel, both within and without his command, whom he designates as contracting officers. He may also authorize the heads of activities under his command to redelegate their procurement authority, or a portion thereof, to responsible personnel within their respective activities whom they designate as contracting officers.. Such authority will be exercised in accordance with limitations and requirements prescribed by the Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and applicable regulations.

Material and Services for other Navy Procuring Activities. Within the limits of its capabilities, the Naval Supply Systems Command will procure material and services for other Navy procuring activities when requested to do so. The Naval Supply Systems Command is responsible for conducting the formalities of procurement by formal advertising for other Navy procuring activities to the extent provided in applicable regulations.

The Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command, as the Navys supply manager, will be responsible for the development and supervision of the Navy Supply System as an integrated and comprehensive entity. He is responsible also for combining into one overall system those supply and distribution systems composed of inventory managers, distribution activities, and methods of operation that function on the basis of centralized control of item assets and have as their objective responsive and efficient material support of the operating forces of the Navy, the hardware systems commands, and other offices and organizations.

Navy inventory managers are those organizational elements assigned the primary responsibility for the management of assigned groups or classes of items of supply. The primary function of a Navy inventory manager is to assure the proper balance between requirements and assets which will provide effective and efficient support to the fleet and the shore field activities of the Navy. A complete list of Navy inventory managers is contained in Appendix Inventory control responsibility requires the application of managerial supervision to integrate the actions involved in computation of quantitative and monetary requirements, initiation of procurement and disposal action, the positioning and repositioning of material, and the development of world wide quantitative and monetary inventory data.

All material used by the Navy will be considered as items of supply and will be managed by the ICP except items assigned for management to a single agency or military service inventory manager for supporting retail stock or end use requirements of all the military services, and items managed by other Navy inventory managers.

In managing consumer end-use material, FISCs are responsible for determining inventory levels, procuring, receiving, stowing, issuing, shipping or delivering material to the customer. Fleet units send requisitions to the FISCs. FISCs also contract out to provide Servmarts which function as retail outlets.

Fleet customers can use the Servmarts on a walk-in basis or have material delivered. An on-line shopping tool through the internet provides a standardized global means for procuring Servmart material.

This responsibility includes, but is not limited to the following: a. Conducting download training programs downloading activity with PMR ; b. Assisting Type Commanders in reviewing and appraising afloat performance of downloading functions downloading activity with PMR ; e. The Fleet and Industrial Supply Center located in San Diego has regional downloading functions for procurement actions accomplished under Small downloading procedures. The Naval Shipyards NSYs Norfolk, Pearl Harbor and Puget Sound are Navy owned, operated, and funded industrial installations stocking a selected range of material for the support of assigned industrial and maintenance requirements.

Material management supply functions are provided by respective FISCs, under partnership agreements.

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The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is assigned a mission of stocking a selected range of Navy owned material for the support of Fleet units and Navy shore activities. Together they constitute the Afloat Central Design Agency CDA responsible for designing, developing, integrating, implementing, and sustaining Fleet logistic, financial, and maintenance automated information systems. Fleet Commanders have the following logistic responsibilities: a. Promulgation of general logistic policies, plans, and orders for the support of Fleet and shore activities in the area; b.

Establishment of standards of logistics and logistic readiness; c. Coordination of logistic activities of subordinate commanders; e.

To assist in carrying out his logistic responsibilities, each fleet Commander has a professional adviser for supply and transportation matters, the fleet Supply Officer.

The U. These are as follows: a. Providing planning information to support bases relative to aircraft deployments; b.

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Issuing aviation supply outfitting directives; c. Controlling distribution of critical aviation materials; d. Establishing supply procedures, stock levels, and requisitioning channels for aviation material for fleet ships and bases; Ch. Implementing aviation supply policy and procedures directed by higher authority; f. Exercising operational and administrative control of fleet support aircraft; g. Issuing necessary instructions for the guidance of fleet units in requests for and utilization of fleet tactical aeronautical support services; h.

Developing plans which provide for the expansion of fleet tactical aeronautical support capability as required; i. Allocation of available airlift among requesting commands will be made with due regard to priorities and effect on fleet readiness.

Coordinates, monitors, and controls as appropriate the procurement allocation and distribution of submarine and fleet ballistic missile material; b. Arranges for and schedules the air movements of FBM submarine relief crews; d.

Arranges for the movements of air cargo to submarine support sites. Establishing supply procedures, stock levels, and requisitioning channels for aviation material for fleet ships and bases; e. Keeping the Type Commander advised of supply requirements; b. Ensuring compliance with Navy Department and Fleet supply directives; c.

Making recommendations to the Type Commander on matters regarding supply policies, procedures, and conditions of readiness affecting ships of the type command; d. Conducting inspections of supply functions as required; e.

Supervising the replenishment of supplies from mobile supply units under the operational control of his Type Commander; f. Reviewing and taking action on requisitions requiring approval of higher authority.The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is assigned a mission of stocking a selected range of Navy owned material for the support of Fleet units and Navy shore activities.

Item is no longer produced by any known source and attempts to obtain item have failed.

The goal of the program is to teach officers about resilience and to train those officers to teach other soldiers about resilience as well. Assisting Type Commanders in reviewing and appraising afloat performance of downloading functions downloading activity with PMR ; e. B8 Quantity requested for cancellation or diversion was not accomplished.