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Libro After In Italiano Di Anna Todd Yahoo Answers. Wonder R.j. Palacio - she and dad nicknamed doogie after some old tv show or. After, il libro di Anna Todd gratis su Wattpad esplora la vita dell'eroe prima dell' incontro con Tessa e che non è ancora stato editato in Italia. Libro After In Italiano Di Anna Todd Yahoo Answers network analysis roy choudhary pdf samsung a eternity ii wallpapers download

I pull the blanket up over her exposed back, just in case she decides to roll over. With a smile, I reach for her hand, and she moves her teddy into her other arm and grabs my hand. The poor stuffed bear is close to falling apart. Adeline looks over at her mom and back at me before she makes her way to the doorway. She turns around. I glance at the clock on the nightstand. Adeline waits expectantly. She agrees and walks out of the bedroom. I stand up and grab my sweats from the floor.

I pull the pants up my legs. She rolls over and lifts her arms behind her head, the sheet dropping to her waist. Her eyes are closed when I pull away, her lips pulled into a comfortable smile.

I leave the bedroom, and when I reach the kitchen, Adeline is holding the hand of her teddy in one small hand and a big cookie in the other. Adeline smiles, and her tongue pokes out between her missing teeth.


Nora is standing next to the door, waving goodbye to Posey and Lila. I watch Nora as she pushes her pizza-patterned socks into a pair of plain white sneakers. How can that be, when I have no idea what it is that I need? All I know is that I enjoy her company and I want to get to know her.

Picking up the cake, I lead us to the elevator in silence and press the call button. The swoosh of the elevator climbing floors is the only noise in the quiet hallway.

When we step inside, Nora moves to the farthest side of the small car. I allow her space and try not to look at her while she looks at me. Nora, maybe? Nora touches her fingers to the end of her braid, and my eyes meet hers. Her eyes stay on mine, studying me, trying to unlock something. I think of Dakota and our time together last night. I think about the way I felt when I found the bathroom empty, my ex having left via the fire escape. I guess I have secrets, too.

In response, the elevator dings and the door opens and closes.

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The car begins to move, and I shrug my shoulders. Had I forgotten to press the button? When we reach the bottom floor, I wait for Nora to step out of the elevator first. Her elbow touches my arm, and I step away to give her space. My skin feels warm, and I wish for a moment I could live in a different reality.

A dimension where Nora is mine to touch, mine to hold. In that world, Nora would trust me and share parts of herself that no one else can see. With each silent step through my apartment building, that perfect imaginary world fades.

When she says things like this, confusion fills my already-crowded mind. Instead of asking her why, I decide to talk about my favorite birthday memory.

The entire week was always a celebration. She made all my favorite meals, and we stayed up late every night. A couple passes, hand in hand, which gets me to wondering if Nora has ever had a serious boyfriend. She must have dated in the past. She thought it made the kids like me, but it only made them make fun of me more. No one except Dakota and Carter.

The three of us tried to eat as many as we could during the walk home from school so my mom would think everyone in my class loved her gift and had celebrated my birthday with me. We had five left when we got to our block.

We ended up leaving them on a piece of lumber at the entrance to the Patch, a wooded area that was home to addicts and people down on their luck—with empty stomachs and empty lives—and we liked to think that we fed at least five of them that day.

Nora opens the door to the store, and the little bell rings. I follow her inside, and I smile when Ellen regards us, cake in hand, and tries her hardest to fight off a smile.

Small crumbs of white cake and green icing fall onto the table between us. She cites being a teenager for not liking flowers when I lament that I should have just brought those.

But not liking cake? Despite hating most things, she did enjoy our company. Though she tried to fight the smile on her face, she failed, and the three of us had a good time. Even without melody or candles, we made sure she knew we cared that it was her birthday. Our makeshift party only lasted about half an hour.

Which is too bad. The little pizza slices on her socks are equal parts quirky and adorable.

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I reach my hand out and poke at the top of her foot. I look down at my own socks, white with gray on the heels and toes. These are boring. And tube socks. No one wears tube socks anymore. Icing is on the rim of her mouth, and I wish we were in a romantic-comedy movie so I could reach over and wipe it off with my finger. She would get all mushy and butterflies would swarm in both of our stomachs and she would lean into me.

She swipes at her mouth with her thumb, missing the spot. I like the comfort of that, for some reason. If this were a movie, I would lean over and wipe it for you. Nora grins, icing still messy on her lips.

After, il libro di Anna Todd gratis su Wattpad

Your heart would be beating so fast. I would touch your cheek. My heart is pumping so wildly that I can hear the blood rushing behind my ears. I take a breath, and Nora has moved closer. So light at first that you would barely feel it.

I would part your lips with my tongue and kiss you. I lean closer to her, leaving only a few inches between us. You would forget every kiss that came before mine, every touch. Every single one.


Her lips taste like icing. Her tongue is warm in my mouth, and her hands are greedy in my hair. She pulls me closer, her fingers tugging at the roots.

Both of my feet are on the floor, and I wrap my arms around her body, pulling her from her chair to mine. She settles on my lap, her thighs on either side of my legs.

Her soft body rocks against mine as she bites at my lip. I know the moment she feels me. I taste her gasp as her arms wrap around my neck.

She adjusts her body on mine so she can feel me rubbing against her. When she rocks against me, her pussy rubbing against my hardness, I groan. She feels so good against me, even fully clothed. Her mouth knows exactly where to kiss, where to lick, the exact spot on the base of my neck to suck.

I reach for her hips and gently squeeze them, guiding her to rub exactly where I need her. She moves her hips in the sexiest way. There really is something about this kitchen that makes us insane for each other. This is definitely not how I thought the night was going to go. Nora pulls her mouth away from my neck, still rocking her pussy against my cock. I squeeze her hips, and she speaks again. Absolutely freaking crazy for her.

She laughs and slides against me. I move my hands to her back to steady her quick movements. I just want to feel her—I just want to make her come and join her in bliss.

I wish I were as good with words as she is. My mind goes blank. She feels so good, on my body, inside my hectic mind. As she comes down, her body slows and her breathing relaxes. She lays her head on my shoulder, and I can feel the wetness between our bodies, but neither of us seems to care.

I grab her elbow, keeping her from falling to the floor. The wet spot there. Tessa walks into the kitchen as I reach the doorway, and I try to bolt, but she stops me. At least my back is turned toward her. Someone dropped a bowl of salad dressing on my shoes, and I have to close tonight.

Her eyes shoot straight to the box. I hold it tight. Tessa looks at Nora, then back to me. Tessa is standing in the doorway with white globs of dressing covering her shoes. Nora steps forward. You know how we have those Frosted Flake—covered tenders at work?

I almost believe her, and, more importantly, Tessa seems to, too. This is so awkward. Why is everything in my life so dang awkward? Thankful that Nora is a better liar than I am, I disappear into the hallway, cereal box in tow.

It feels so small. This time was better because we shared the awkward scene. We caused it. I can still feel her body against mine, moving with need, with purpose. I can hear her moans in my ear and feel her hot breath against my skin. Now my room feels warm. Too warm. I move away from the back of my door and walk across the room to the window. My desk is messy; stacks of books and Post-its clutter the wooden surface.

I tap my finger on the dark brown potential wood, and it sounds hollow. My fingers are shaky as I push my hand through my blinds to pull open the window. The windowsill is covered in chipped paint and dust, even a dead fly. Tessa would cringe at that. I make a mental note to clean it up this week. I pull at the stubborn wood, and it finally cracks open. I lift it higher, welcoming the calm sounds of the city into my room. I love the noise level here in Brooklyn.

There are cars and usually some voices of people walking down the sidewalks, but nothing too crazy. The amount of random taxi honking is significantly less than in Manhattan. The only thing the rude gesture does is piss people off and create even more tension. Random thoughts are doing a good job of keeping my mind off what Nora and I just did.

How did we go from creating a little movie scene to her straddling me on a chair?

After 5. Amore infinito (Italian Edition)

I pull my pants and boxers off and toss them into my dirty-clothes hamper by the closet door. I change my clothes and sit down on the edge of my bed, close to the window.

My phone is plugged into the charger sitting on my nightstand. I reach for it. Hardin answers on the second ring. Thanks for asking. What can I help you with on this fine evening? He laughs. Well, Sophia was her name when you met her, but Tessa says she likes her friends to call her Nora. I wonder if my voice was too loud. I think so. But really, really close to it.

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I make sure my voice is only slightly louder than a whisper. Tessa walked in? The chick was straddling you on a chair? Wait—so you fucked her on a kitchen chair?

Or she just rode you until she came? I might as well ask you to show me on the doll where she touched you. Leaning back, I stare at my weirdly colorful ceiling fan. Hardin seems to notice something in my voice, so he eases up a bit.

I mean, why else would hooking up with her be a problem? Am I single? Dakota and I have been broken up for months. The looming fact that she was here just yesterday waves its hand in my face. Except Dakota was here last night. Delilah, too? What the hell is going on there? I mean it. Did you talk to her about her schedule yet? He huffs in impatient frustration.

When you and Tessa were fighting the whole time? In New York. They work together. Like, dating or something? I need to get out there and face the music. Nora nods. She presses the arrow on the remote, scrolling through the guide.

Did she bring extra clothes with her, knowing that I was going to make a mess of the ones she was wearing? I hope so. The thought makes my heart race, and I try not to think too much about what Tessa almost caught us doing. She lifts herself up and crosses her legs beneath her body. But not today. Today we talk about why you think that and figure out where to go from there. I feel good that my thoughts became words, and I think I just grew a chest hair or two.

We could never be together in a real way. Usually when these types of awkward conversations happen in books or movies, the one doing the rejecting looks away or picks at their fingernails or something. Not Nora. My high is gone, my chest hairs have shriveled up and disappeared, and my mouth is dry. Nora said another relationship. What was her last relationship? I want to know about you. She means them, and that kind of stings.

You like me, Nora. It falls to the floor, and neither of us moves to pick it up. Nothing can be that bad. Nothing is too bad to figure out. I want to be closer to her.

She takes a step back. Believe me. Or at least allow yourself to try to.

You barely noticed I existed until two weeks ago. Nora lets out a huff. Nothing more. Not everyone wants to sit down and spill their fucking guts to a stranger. Same thing with the subscription. I think that a majority of wattpad is still free in spite of the select few books that are no longer available to readers.

There still a large and I mean a large variety of books open to the public and you can still write and publish your own books from both the website and the app which is more than what some systems give you such as inkitt.

This app offers a lot more than you think it does. I thought it might of been my connection, so I tried again later, same issue. Next day, same issue. This went on all week until I finally deleted it yesterday.

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